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Why I’m Running for Congress:

As a small business owner, a proud conservative, and a Texas job creator, what I see happening in this great country is deeply troubling. It is the rise of socialism: a misguided belief that government should take control of our lives, jobs, and our futures.

It is shocking to see that anyone who enjoys the freedoms and liberties preserved in our Constitution would bend a knee and surrender themselves to an all-powerful federal government.

We have a generational responsibility to fight to make sure that never happens.

I am ready for the fight. And I have the experience and commitment to make sure we win it.

I grew up around people who were roughnecks, farmers, and served in the military. They were folks who had little, worked hard and often gave more than they ever took.

What I learned from my grandfather, my parents, and what Russell and I passed down to the four men we raised, are the virtues of individual responsibility, having a commitment to your family, your community, and the greatest country in the history of mankind.

We were also taught that integrity and honoring your word were never to be compromised.

Thirty-eight years ago, my husband Russell and I had a vision of building what became Brazos Eye Surgery of Texas, because we wanted to be somewhere that had a sense of community, of neighbor helping neighbor, and families growing up together. That’s what it was like for me as a child in Odessa. West Texas folks have a lot of grit and can be strong willed and strongly opinionated, but even when there were political disagreements, we never lost our sense of community and caring for each other.

I’m offering myself as a servant to the people of the 17th Congressional District because I believe we need more people who are committed to being citizen legislators – serving for a period of time, focusing ONLY on the needs of those they represent, representing their values and then coming home to pass the leadership on to someone else.

We and our Central Texas and Brazos Valley neighbors deserve to be represented by folks who truly understand our interests, our hopes, and our challenges. People who work hard, have been brave enough to build businesses, cared for others in our communities, raised their families alongside ours, and who understand that the voices of the people of Central Texas and the Brazos Valley are the ones that really matter.

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Be blessed because God has given us this day. (7/7)

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About Renee:

  • Raised in West Texas alongside roughnecks, farmers, and members of our military.
  • Wife and Best Friend (for more than 42 years) to Russell, an amazing eye surgeon, former Army flight surgeon, and stage 4 cancer survivor.
  • Healthcare executive and Waco small-business Chief Operations Officer – caring for more than 50,000 Central Texas neighbors and friends since opening Brazos Eye Surgery of Texas, 38 years ago.
  • Raised four men to be great husbands, fathers, and servants of their communities.
  • A limited-government conservative, Renee wants to fight federal overregulation and harmful mandates from destructive policies like Obamacare.
  • Pro-Life, Pro-2nd Amendment, and Pro-Religious Liberty.
  • Committed to stopping the Rise of Socialism in our country and protecting the God-given liberties that have made America the greatest nation in the history of all mankind.

Seventeen Things I Wholeheartedly Believe:

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